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  • Philip Dada Jr

    Philip Dada Jr

    A lawyer in training and an entrepreneur. Legal thoughts, opinions and perspectives. Entrepreneurial tips, inspiration and advice.

  • Oriana Jemide

    Oriana Jemide

    Performance Poet. Storyteller. Artivist.

  • Rachel Joseph

    Rachel Joseph

  • Eniola Omotosho

    Eniola Omotosho

    My brain has too many tabs open. I enjoy a lot of things: current affairs, cooking, researching and writing - obviously. #OnBecomingANationBuilder

  • Rehema Njambi

    Rehema Njambi

    Writer. Performance Poet. Book-lover. Queen.

  • Mary Akin

    Mary Akin

    Numbers, words and art.




  • Michael Olasope

    Michael Olasope

    Writer. Decent cook. Ambivert. Movie Lover. Book reader. Food eater. Life live'er.

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