I forgot the cous cous and I don’t have a man.

Is it my fault that technology has advanced to the stage where I no longer feel the need to carry cash anymore? It’s not my fault. If you answered the question instead of just continuing to read, thats not my fault either. Calm down Kumbirai.

It all started with what was meant to be a quick shopping trip to Morrisons. I took a trip to Waterstones. One of my happy places. Spent some time in there going through the isles of books and books. Ran my fingers through some books and picked up a few books to glance at the blurb. Did I say “books” enough? Continued with this absolutely thrilling activity for some time and mentally bought, not the whole of Waterstones, but mostly. Sat down with a few chosen copies to “peruse” and see which one I would choose to buy.

I was full on reading one of the books when I noticed that someone kept watching me. He really kept glancing at me and I quickly tried to remember what my face looked like. The usual checklist; had I tamed my wayward brows? were my lips dry? was my skin popping? did I brush my tongue?

SO yeah! He’s glancing at me and my mind is contemplating the possibility that I might be one of those women who get to tell her children how she met their father in a bookstore and we bonded over one of our favourite books and it was love and romance and all things giddy on the inside and we have been loving on each other ever since.

I left Waterstones with two books, thanks to price matching I realised I could afford two on my budget, and that is all.

Lol. I sauntered over to Morrisons in the rain and I wanted to take a small shopping trolley but I didn’t have any cash or coins. I blame capitalism…..I really don’t because you get your £1 coin back after you return the trolley at the end of your shopping trip. THE POINT: I don’t have a pound coin. So I settle for a shopping basket. It gets too heavy and I start to put it down now and again. I’m over at the frozen food isle when I realise I forgot to pick up carrots. The carrots are all the way near the entrance. Do I really need carrots? Yes. They’re actually the only thing, on the shopping list I forgot at home, that my mother asked for. The frozen food isle is the last isle in the relatively big Morrisons. Carrots are in the first isle by the entrance. I go to get the carrots to avoid one of those - “so you didn’t take the chicken out of the freezer conversations”. My basket is heavy.

So I pick up the carrots and after a quick rest I start to head to the check out, only to realise that I had forgotten to pick up a packet or two of cous cous as I had intended ( I hadn’t specified on the shopping list how many packets I would pick up because I like to keep life spicy). The cous cous is located somewhere in the middle isles. The basket is so heavy my palms are starting to feel raw.

I head to the checkout and I walk out without cous cous.


Girl from the Southside…of Africa 🇿🇼/ 📍🇬🇧 Came through drenched 😂. Making things. I wish above all things you may be in good health.

Girl from the Southside…of Africa 🇿🇼/ 📍🇬🇧 Came through drenched 😂. Making things. I wish above all things you may be in good health.